An international mindset

More than ever, international development is one of the most important aspects of the Centre-Val de Loire INSA’s strategy. It aspires to become a top-ranking international institution for training engineers grounded in scientific and technical culture and well-accustomed to a multicultural environment.

The Centre-Val de Loire INSA has made this international focus part of a strategic development plan based on:

  • an international network of top-ranking universities across all five continents. The Centre-Val de Loire Institute benefits from the excellence of its partners and attracts the brightest international students.
  • preparation of its students for international careers through classes in two to three foreign languages, a trip abroad and multicultural activities and classes.
  • international research collaboration aimed at promoting the best of French knowledge.
  • Support for French and international businesses in their development projects abroad by providing them with highly-qualified engineer-managers and by meeting their needs in terms of applied research and training of their staff.

To provide a firm basis for its commitment to increasing its international standing, the Centre-Val de Loire INSA has been awarded the Erasmus charter under the Erasmus+ programme covering the 2021-2027 period and describes its strategy in the declaration below:

Download the strategy
Download the Erasmus charter



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