Apprenticeship tax

An investment for training your future employees

By paying their apprenticeship tax to the INSA Centre Val de Loire, companies can play an active part in helping our students to succeed and in ensuring the quality of the training your future employees receive. With a view to developing and tailoring our programmes to your needs by helping us to fund the installation of cutting-edge equipment, companies can support the INSA Centre Val de Loire by naming it as the beneficiary.

The INSA Centre Val de Loire is authorised to receive the apprenticeship tax under category B of the scale (“hors quota”).

How do you go about paying your apprenticeship tax?

The apprenticeship tax must be paid by all companies up to 0.5% of their gross payroll.
Since 2006, the tax must be paid through an apprenticeship tax collection body (OCTA), which then forwards the funds to the accredited training programmes named by the company.

You can choose to pay us all or part of your apprenticeship tax in two ways:

  • by naming the INSA Centre Val de Loire as beneficiary to the OCTA managing your apprenticeship tax,
  • by making a payment in kind directly to the INSA Centre Val de Loire: teaching aids or techniques.


The INSA Centre Val de Loire thanks all companies who support its running.

Download the apprenticeship tax brochure