Entrepreneurial training

Engineering students on the Bourges Campus must take an Entrepreneurial Training module.

Compulsory “entrepreneurial training” module

The aim of this module is to initiate final year students in the creation of innovative companies. Each team, made up of 3 to 5 students, is supervised by a teacher from the Human, Economic, Legal and Social Sciences Department, the ICE-E representative and a professional sponsor. Experts (consular chambers, public agencies, accountants, bankers, entrepreneurs or professional networks for example) also lend a hand in the module. The groups must submit a complete Business Plan (presenting the idea, a market study, corporate strategy, technical - legal and financial studies, etc.) and present their project to a jury.

Optional “entrepreneurial frame of mind” module

There is also an optional module available to 4th year students on the Blois Campus, entitled “Entrepreneurial Frame of Mind”. The 12 sessions of this module look at: the challenges and methods of managing a project, participatory innovation, confidence in oneself and in one's project, defining and conducting research, potential market shares, positioning oneself, being able to convince, question one's approaches, Marketing Mix and success factors, anticipating, keeping one's commitments. Engineering students must work in teams on a real or fictional project to set up a company or association.