Continuing education

The INSA Centre Val de Loire offers several types of continuing education programmes aimed at meeting the needs of companies and employees.

Continuing education is a way to meet a company’s specific need. The group set up is made exclusively up of employees. The training sessions are organised either within the company for several of the company's employees, or at the INSA Centre Val de Loire with employees from different companies. Beyond these continuing education programmes, the INSA Centre Val de Loire can also organise sessions on demand, in line with identified needs following a feasibility study.

Continuing education programmes available

Industrial risks

Instrumentation architecture, signal processing diagnoses, software sensor observer theory, risk prevention within pyrotechnic firms, regulation of industrial systems, introduction to state-space representation - introduction to observers, introduction to SysML, Artificial Neural networks, SysML, modelling, image processing, solid and structural dynamics: responses to shocks and other temporary mechanical actions, etc.

Information technology risks

UNIX system security for beginners, UNIX system administration, advanced UNIX system security, proficiency in the next-generation protocol IPv6, become Security Manager of an Information System.

Organisational risks

Project Risk Management, risks and organisation: sociological approach, cooperative preventive management and managing alliances, raising awareness in the prevention of RSI: Repetitive Strain Injury, corporate safety management, accepting uncertainty and preparing for its organisation, anticipating and making decisions in emergencies, the psychosocial risk in a company, the Human Factor, raising awareness in the prevention of Occupational Diseases and Accidents at Work, corporate social responsibility for maintaining trust, ethics for maintaining trust, risks and Transition Management.

Engineering degree via continuing education - MRI & STI department

The engineering degree taught in the Industrial Risk Control and Information Technology and Cybersecurity departments can be accessed via continuing education. It is open to employees or jobseekers who have proof of 2 years of professional experience and have two or more years of higher education behind them in engineering sciences, or the equivalent obtained via the validation of learning from experience (VAE) scheme.
Applicants are selected on the basis of their application and an interview with a jury.