Master's degree in Applied Physics and Physics Engineering

Application Form Presentation

The Master's degree in fundamental physics "Applied Physics - Electronics, Electrical Energy and Automation”, (M2RI 3EA), is evolving and becoming the Master's degree in Applied Physics and Physics Engineering. It will open in September 2023.

The Master addresses students interested in disciplines oriented toward applied physics and engineering sciences in the fields of electronic systems and components, instrumentation and ultrasounds, automatic, robotics and computer vision. It is also intended for students interested in the design of renewable energy systems. Students take scientific courses in applied mathematics and computer science, electronics, signal processing, automatic, instrumentation, ultrasound, etc., as well as in the behavior of organizations, scientific communication and professional English or French for foreign students. At the end of the Master 1, students can join one of the two Master 2 tracks of the master: Electronics, Instrumentation and Ultrasound for the first track, and Automatic Robotics and Computer Vision for the second one.

The M2 program is based on research themes of INSA laboratories, such as Instrumentation and Ultrasonic Systems (GREMAN Laboratory), as well as Automatic and Robotics (PRISME Laboratory), and on themes of national and international interest, such as the study and design of renewable energy systems. The M2 addresses students who have completed the M1 program, as well as engineering students wishing to complete their final year with a Master's degree focused on research, and international students.

In M1, the recruitment is addressed to students: Bachelor's degree in EEA/ Physics/ Applied Physics/ Engineering Sciences, Electrical Engineering, Physical Measurement.
In M2, the recruitment is addressed to students: M1 Applied Physics, E3A, Engineers, Engineering Science (for international students: admission on file by equivalence).

INSA contact for M1: Guy Feuillard & Adel Hafiane.

M2 Track 1: Electronics, Instrumentation and Ultrasound (Blois campus)
INSA contact: Michaël Lematre (Blois campus). Courses are taught in English.

M2 Track 2 : Automatic, Robotics and Computer Vision (Bourges campus)
INSA contact: Vincent Idasiak (Bourges campus). Courses are taught in English.

The INSA Centre Val de Loire is authorised to award Master’s degrees in conjunction with other universities.


With Orléans university

  • “Energy and Materials” Master, Energy, Combustion and the Environment speciality
    Contact INSA : Xavier Rocourt
    Download the document presenting the Double E&M Master’s Degree
  • “Information Technology” Master, Digital Nomading, Intelligence and Security speciality
  • “Mechatronics, Automatic Control and Signal Robotics” Master, Mechatronics speciality

With Troyes university of technology

  • "Physical and mechanical engineering" master, Industrial Risks and Mechanical Engineering speciality
  • Speciality: Industrial and Urban Environmental Sciences