Innovation services

Companies, are you looking for external expertise?

Our external expertise

The INSA Centre Val de Loire can offer you:

  • partnerships with 40 research professors, 1,200 engineering students and Relations with Companies and Research Services, etc.
  • fields of expertise and application: industrial and organisational risks, energy and the environment, design, production, transport, robotics, mechanical engineering, industrial IT, Web and software development, bibliography, quality/safety, purchasing, modelling and simulation, etc.
  • a Fleet of Machines: 4 laboratories with dynamic traction, metrology, inflammability and wind tunnel machinery, heat engines, etc.
  • schemes: 4- or 6-month placements, services (see below).

Industrial assignment: 1 research professor leading the project + 2 trainee engineering students (4 to 6 months).
Study project: 120 hours per engineering student.
Expertise – Consulting: research professor or design engineer labour time.
Technological Service: 1 expert + operation of 1 machine, quote-based.

In 2014, some forty such services were provided by INSA Centre Val de Loire engineers for local SMEs – SMIs and other businesses.

Our financial partners:

Since 2013, ICE-E officers have belonged to the ARITT Innovation Centre Network.

These local SMEs – SMIs and multinationals alike have placed their trust in us:

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