Common library department

The common library department has a branch on both campuses of the INSA Centre-Val de Loire – Bourges and Blois – and oversees three libraries.

2 campuses, 3 libraries…

Bibliothèque Bourges      

Open Mondays to Fridays, the department offers individual or group work spaces and provides services (photocopier, scanner) and consultation terminals for carrying out documentary searches. Engineering students and teaching staff can find documentation on all the subjects taught at the Institute there.

The library on the Bourges campus has over 5,600 documents in paper format, the library on the Blois campus 3,200 documents and the Department for Nature and Landscape (ENP) library on the Blois campus 5,500 documents.

- The collection of the two engineering schools is devoted to matters associated with engineering and risk: physics, nuclear energy, risk analysis, environmental risks, transport, production, robotics and so on.

- The ENP library specialises in landscape, the art and history of gardens, botany, urban and spatial planning, architecture, the arts and all subjects taught by the school.

Engineering students can consult some sixty journals on the 2 campuses: newspapers, magazines (national dailies, news journals, scientific journals) and students' work (such as placement reports, business plans, TFE journal or the Centre for Landscape Applied Research and Assistance for Users and Decision-Makers (CRAPAUD) compilation of local projects).

The libraries for both campuses offer access to online databases (encyclopaedias, engineering techniques, press bases, standards and so on).

The Common Library Department works in the Orléans University documentary network as an associate library.

Engineering students can join and take out documents free of charge in the network's other libraries.