Competitions and awards

Every year since 2006 across every département in the Centre-Val de Loire region, the members of Centre-Val de Loire University and Orléans Val de Loire Technopole have been organising the regional educational competition for business start-ups especially for students: Créa’CAMPUS.

The Créa’Campus competition

Participants in this competition are supported by “professional sponsors” for 5 months. They develop their business start-up project by drawing up a business plan and presenting their idea to a jury of professionals and experts in entrepreneurship. The participants are also given specific training at each stage of the competition to ensure their projects are of a high-quality: marketing, legal choices, drawing up a funding plan, etc.

The awards

In 2013-2014, there were 87 teams for some 300 students13 projects won awards, 
one of which also scooped the Regional Prize, which saw each team member receive €1,000.

The Centre-Val de Loire Regional Council, Cher County Council and Bourges Plus are partners of the INSA Centre Val de Loire.
The 2015 prize-giving ceremony will take place on Thursday 23 April on the Bourges Campus of the INSA Centre Val de Loire.


Thanks to a partnership with the Crédit Agricole Centre Loire, signed in 2014, “Osez Entreprendre” (Dare to Undertake) prizes can also be awarded to the best educational business start-up projects.
The BestFit project, which intends to create an avatar for virtually trying on clothes in augmented reality in stores or online, won the “Digital Innovation” prize.
The EASIR project, which offers a range of services from 3D printers in a FabLab (self-service digital fabrication laboratory) on the Lahitolle site, won the "collaborative and territorial innovation" prize.
The UBLOCK project, which offers a padlock for motorcycles based on NFC technology, won the “technological innovation” prize.


“La Nuit de l’Info” competition

Every year since 2012, several dozen engineering students on the Information Technology and Cybersecurity course have taken part in the national technological innovation competition “La Nuit de l’Info” ( (in which participants have a full night to propose, implement and package a Web 2.0 application). Partnerships have been signed with the sponsors La Poste and the company SSL Europa.

2,918 students (337 teams, 43 sites, 90 schools) joined in the national competition “La Nuit de l’Info” which was held from Thursday 4 to Friday 5 December 2014 from 4.36 p.m. to 8.04 a.m.

The contestants took up 44 IT challenges (no more than 5 per team) set by 41 partner institutions or businesses on the theme “the humanitarian information systems of tomorrow”.

The awards

Our engineering students won the national challenge and came 2nd in three other challenges.