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Investments made in 2015

In 2015 our institute invested over €270,000 in Educational, Research and company Services equipment:
• Burner enabling characterisation of materials’ fire resistance (R, E)
• Video extensometer (R)
• Vibrator and control unit (R, E and S)
• Equipment for phase and ultrasound group velocities in liquids (E and S)
• Michelson interferometer (E and S)

A major 5-year project

The Centre-Val de Loire INSA is looking to continue its development by attracting increasing numbers of students while maintaining quality of reception and training, which is why it has just undertaken a major real-estate project costing some 15 million euros and encompassing:
- Adaptation of our two campuses’ real-estate offer by rehabilitating existing rooms and constructing new ones.
- Setup of a Learning Center on both campuses. Learning Centers are highly effective educational and research tools perfectly adapted to student life, providing the right balance between independence (self-learning) and teamwork (in project mode), and an open, convivial working environment.
- A sustainable development approach to construction work and the Institute’s life. Improvement of existing buildings’ energy performance and BEPOS positive-energy certification for new constructions.

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