Ranking of institutions by number of students entrepreneurs: the INSA comes 4th!

4 years after setup of its Innovation & Business Startup (ICE) platform and 2 years after creation of the Student Cluster for Innovation, Transfer and Entrepreneurship (PEPITE) in the Centre-Val de Loire region, the Institute currently hosts 24 Student Entrepreneurs (national status, including a young graduate) in 2015 -2016.
All course years from 2nd to 5th and all Departments are represented through 13 business startup projects:
- Industrial Systems Engineering (GSI),
- Industrial Risk Control (MRI),
- Information Technology and Cybersecurity (STI),
- Energy, Risks and the Environment (ERE),
- School for Nature and Landscape (ENP).
Activity fields are varied, focusing naturally enough on engineering, industry, new technologies, and sustainable development; examples include drones, elastomers, web platforms and renewable energy.
Student entrepreneurs from the Institute were awarded 2 regional prizes in 2015 – clear testimony to the quality of projects and their leaders
In addition, following the opening of an incubator (Créa’Box) in 2014, the Centre-Val de Loire INSA added a 12th degree course at the end of 2015: the Student Entrepreneur Institution Diploma.

According to the ranking published by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research (MESR) on 13 January 2016, the Institute’s unwavering commitment to fostering student entrepreneurship has made it the:
- leader among the INSA Group’s 6 institutions,
- 4th institution out of the 125 with Student Entrepreneurs (833 at national level)

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